Special Event
Tuesday, October 30th
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Inaugural NAMAS Breakfast
Hosted by the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences

Digital Hollywood is pleased to welcome
the Inaugural NAMAS Breakfast celebration to Digital Hollywood Fall on October 30th and Digital Hollywood is pleased to participate in the NAMAS Breakfast event September 18th at the new New York Times Tower in New York City.

Limited Seating at the Breakfast -
Contact: NAMAS Administrator Lauren Saverine at namas@emmyonline.tv

I. East Coast NAMAS Breakfast, September 18th at New York Times Tower - 8th Ave. and 41st St.
West Coast NAMAS Breakfast at Digital Hollywood, Tuesday, October 30th at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.

Official Announcement!

Bob Wright to Chair
the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences

New York, N. Y. – May 1, 2007 –
The Board of Trustees of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today voted unanimously to authorize the formation of a new peer group open to current and new members of any of the 19 chapters of the National Television Academy.

The National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences
will be chaired by Bob Wright, Chairman of the Board of NBC Universal and Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Officer and a member of the Corporate Executive Officer of General Electric Company. Wright, who joined NBC as President/CEO in 1986 and served as Chairman & CEO of NBC Universal from May 2004-February 2007, has had one of the longest and most successful tenures of any media company chief executive. During his successful tenure at NBC, Wright extended the broadcaster into cable and satellite, international and new media markets.

“This move is exactly the right move at the right time,
and we’ve got the right guy to move the National Academy in this direction ” said National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman Herb Granath, Chairman Emeritus, ESPN; Board member of Ron Lauder’s Central European Media (CME); and Co-Chairman of Crown Media Holdings,

Wright, who appeared before the National Television Academy’s
Board of Trustees today said, “I am very happy to be involved with this group (the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences). It has been clear to me for some period of time that we have converging technologies, and we need to figure out away to get these people involved with us. This new group is a great way to connect with these people.”

“This chapter-based peer group recognizes the new
digital generation that has captivated our industry,” says Peter Price, President/CEO, National Television Academy. “Through the formation of this peer group, we will embrace our peers in the new media and broaden our membership to include television and media. We are grateful for the support and leadership Bob Wright, one of the greatest visionaries in our industry, gives to this group.”

Price noted that the new National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences
will focus on membership and education. Through the National Television Academy’s existing Advanced Media Committee, chaired by Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC, education programs including online newsletters and briefings as well as special events and special access at industry functions, such at the Consumer Electronics Show, Digital Hollywood and the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference, will continue to be developed.

The new National Academy of Media Arts& Sciences
will not conduct any awards competitions. The Emmy® Awards remain under the authority of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which last year began awarding a limited number of Emmy Awards for broadband

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