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Digital Hollywood, October 15th - October 18th
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Marina del Rey, California
Monday, October 15th
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
ThinkTank I: Admiralty Rm.
Incubators, Accelerators, Labs & Crowdsourcing
Session Leader:
David Austin, Sr. Director of Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting
Erik Rannala, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Mucker Labs
Rick Turoczy, Co-founder, PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment)
Tom McGovern, CEO, Snap / Idealab New Venture Group
Moderator - Art Chang, CEO, Cookstr & App Orchard

David Austin, Sr. Director of Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting: David Austin has over 25 years of extensive product and corporate development experience in bringing a multitude of amazing products to consumer markets as well as identifying, acquiring and integrating a wealth of intellectual property, products and teams. Prior to coming to Turner to help shape the future of media he was a Senior Director at Apple Inc for two stints totaling over 17 years. During his time there, David delivered a broad swath of consumer products working extensively with Senior Executive Management (including working directly with the late Steve Jobs on the original Keynote and iWork products). In between stints at Apple he co-founded a startup and worked for a boutique venture capital firm. Since leaving Apple in 2009 he has had the privilege of being an investor, advisor, and board member to many angel and venture-backed startups. David has a BS in Math and Computer Science and holds three patents.

Art Chang, CEO, Cookstr & App Orchard: Art is a serial entrepreneur who has helped
create and restart over 30 private and public sector organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Tipping Point Partners, a New York City-based "institutional entrepreneur" that serves as a seed investor and founder of software startups. Tipping Point's startups build bridges between new technology and human needs, with a particular focus on using disruptive technologies to transform existing industries and government. Tipping Point believes that great software, applied intelligently, can result in positive social and economic change. Art serves as CEO of two of Tipping Point's portfolio companies: Cookstr, a technology company dedicated to cooking and food, serving as a data-centered "Switzerland" for rights holders; and AppOrchard, an iOS development and software company that bridges the gap between consumer Apple devices and the needs of large enterprises. He is a Bloomberg-appointee to the New York City Campaign Finance Board, and serves as Chair of the NYC Voter Assistance Advisory Committee, currently engaged in creating a technology platform that will serve as a Model for 21st Century Democracy. Art has worked as an investment banker, public official and venture capital investor. His sector experience includes technology, e-commerce, media, architecture, real estate, law, government and finance. Art is a graduate of Yale University, where he majored in Women's Studies, and received an MBA in Finance from NYU's Stern School of Business.