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Media Summit New York, March 4 - 5, 2014
McGraw-Hill Building, 49th Street and 6th Ave., New York City
Tuesday, March 4th
The Strategic Track: I
Technologies of Innovation
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Session B:
Room 208
Multi-Screen Universe: TV, Tablets, Broadband, Smartphones and IPTV
We have entered the age of all video all the time. Video is no longer a manifestation of TV, video is a web experience, a mobile experience, as well as an IPTV, Cable and Satellite experience. Video is how consumers relate to the world. The conversion to the all-video culture has been so quiet and so quick, the implications of what an all-video culture may mean is only first becoming part of the national business and intellectual conversation. In this session, we are delighted to bring a group technology and communication experts who - through their own experience - have defined how the multi-screen universe has taken shape.
Yoav Schreiber, Marketing Manager, Service Provider Video Product Marketing, Cisco
Michael Bishara, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TV Everywhere, Synacor
Scott Campbell, IVE Principal, Media, Industry Value Engineering, SAP America Inc.
Noah Levine, Senior Product Evangelist, Adobe
William Frantz, Business Development Manager, Qualcomm
Frank Childs, Director of Product Marketing, Network Operator Solutions, Akamai
Rick Doherty, co-founder and Director, The Envisioneering Group, Moderator

Yoav Schreiber, Marketing Manager, Service Provider Video Product Marketing Cisco: Yoav Schreib
er is responsible for driving thought leadership and market positioning for Cisco's Videoscape solutions, which powers multiscreen video experiences for service providers and media companies worldwide. Before joining Cisco, Yoav was Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure at Current Analysis where he built the company's video networking market and competitive intelligence service and helped clients advance their competitive positioning. Yoav has been a speaker and moderator at Digital Hollywood, IPTV World Forum, NAB, NCTA, and Telco TV, as well as contributor to publications such as FierceCable. Previously, Yoav worked at the Corporate Executive Board and the Precursor Group. Yoav received his Bachelor's Degree from Tufts University, and has a Master's Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago. He lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife and 2 children, but without a TV in his home.

Michael Bishara, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TV Everywhere, Synacor: TV Everywhe
re visionary, innovator and boundary-breaker, Michael Bishara, largely credited as the force behind the successful launch of HBO GO, was recently named as Synacor's Senior Vice President of Product & General Manager of TV Everywhere. Bishara's expertise will ensure Synacor's cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics customers have all the content, apps and services they need to deliver breakthrough user experiences. Prior to his current position, Bishara was Senior Vice President, HBO Broadband /Digital Group where he was responsible for the overall strategy, development and rollout of broadband products, including HBO GO. Before HBO, Bishara held marketing and product leadership roles at industry giants Time Inc. and AT&T. In 2010, Bishara was named by Multichannel News editors as one of the Visionaries, Innovators, Power Brokers: 40 Under Forty for helping HBO grow and succeed as he oversaw the development and rollout of innovative products like HBO GO, which has become an industry benchmark, helping to shape the future of TV / media. Michael is a heavily sought-after speaker, having recently presented at CES, Variety, Digital Hollywood, TelcoTV, OnScreen Media Summit, Next TV Summit, Digital Streaming East and many more.

Scott Campbell, IVE Principal, Media, Industry Value Engineering, SAP America, Inc.; focusing on
driving Innovation with SAP's solutions across North America. He brings over 25 years of operational and business leadership experience to SAP's Industry Solutions practice, serving both new and traditional media. Consistently recognized as a direct contributor, strategic thinker, and top performer, Scott has been committed to driving growth by ensuring an exceptional customer experience, extending the company ecosystem and contributing to world-class execution. He has a unique perspective based on his extensive background in applying software solutions to complex real world problems with emerging and broadcast media solutions. Scott experience includes leadership roles with Associated Press (AP) and Lucent Technologies, where he has demonstrated his ability to create strategic plans, define goals and execute tactics to drive new and incremental revenues. At AP, he led the creation of a next generation content management and direct marketing platform (dubbed eBusiness) to enable AP business teams to perform updates to websites, direct marketing pages and email templates; making the company less reliant on technology development. Prior to joining SAP, Scott served as Director of Digital Video Operations with Scripps Networks, where he led the global non-linear video operations team for Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY Channel, Cooking Channel, Food UK and Great American Country (GAC) digital properties. Scott provided oversight for digital production strategy and defined standards for content ingestion, cloud services, encoding, metadata, SEO, content licensing and delivery to syndication partner sites alongside Scripps Networks-owned web, mobile and tablet properties. Throughout his career, Scott has conducted several industry firsts including directing the world's first paid for download over the internet with Duran Duran at Abbey Road Studios and a Guinness Book of World Records entry for the first live concert performed to a mass audience over the internet by Queen Drummer Roger Taylor. In the early 1990's, Scott became one of Avid's first UK specialist resellers and has received several awards and recognitions including the Information Society Initiative 'Creative Concepts' Award in 1996 for a handheld audio device prototype he developed called the SoundPad (which predates the iPod). He was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Engineered Album in 1991 with Robbie Robertson, having also worked with Annie Lennox, George Michael and Simple Minds in his career.

Noah Levine is a senior product evangelist for Video Solutions at Adobe, focusing on enabling content owners and distributors to profit from video on every IP-connected screen. As a product evangelist, he works with media companies and operators to share the latest technology solutions for executing on the promise of TV Everywhere. Noah is an online advertising veteran, having worked in the industry for nearly 15 years. Prior to its acquisition by Adobe, Noah focused on video ad serving at Auditude in 2009. Before that, he worked at Google and DoubleClick. Noah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University.

William Frantz, leads digital media for the Snapdragon Ecosystem team covering everything from
Hollywood studios to video conferencing. In the smart TV/Set Top Box space, William helps companies bring movie services, multi-screen experiences and telepresence to living room screens. Prior to joining Qualcomm, William developed mobile video software and digital rights managements systems for a digital media company.

Frank Childs is Director of Product Marketing for the Network Operator Solution
s at Akamai. With over 20 years of leadership experience in marketing, product management, and business development, he has global marketing responsibility for Akamai's line of Operator CDN products specifically designed to help telecom and cable operators embrace the consumer shift to multiscreen while efficiently managing related traffic from video consumption. Previously, he spent 5 years at PeerApp as VP Marketing and Business Development where he helped established the market for transparent caching of video and other over-the-top content. Earlier in his career he was a partner at Pilot House Ventures, a VC firm with strong ties to the cable and telecom industries. He also held management roles at MCK Communications, AT&T, Ziff-Davis Online Publishing, and Shiva Corp.

Rick Doherty, co-founder and Director, The Envisioneering Group: a two-decade old Seaford, NY
Technology Assessment and Market Research Corporation. Before that, for thirteen years, Doherty was the Senior Technology Writer for Electronic Engineering Times, where he remains a guest columnist. Doherty is an electro-physicist who has garnered more than a dozen U.S. patents in computing, communications, medical electronics, high performance tooling and consumer electronics industry sectors along with dozens of international patents. During Doherty's 32 year career he has been Director of the Urban Vehicle Design Group at Pratt Institute, an engineer for Data General Corp., Chief Engineer of Lourdes Industries, Inc., founder and President of Optronic Labs and since 1983, co-founder and Director of The Envisioneering Group. There, he directs laboratory testing of technologies, products and services, oversees publication of the Envisioneering Newsletter, market research reports and provides senior executive counsel on market development and intellectual property protection, portfolio management and licensing opportunities. Doherty's prime focus is on researching and articulating the impact of advanced digital technologies, services, products, industry initiatives and standards efforts on consumers, industry and society. Doherty is a 31 year member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is active with its Biomedical Engineering, Solid State Circuits Society , Consumer Electronics Society, Broadcast Engineering, Magnetic Technology Society, Technology & Social Policy and other I.E.E.E. societies. This is his eleventh year as a planning director for the International Conference on Consumer Electronics. Doherty is also a member of the Society for Information Display, Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and many other technology & professional business industry associations. In addition, Doherty has been a co-chair of, and presently sits on several cross industry standards associations and technical working groups, spanning consumer digital electronics, communications, digital media and computing architecture definition groups. He is called upon by the industry to organize and chair panels at trade conferences and technical symposia more than a dozen times each year. Amongst his many industry awards, Doherty has been cited by the International Television Association for his many years of technology coverage of digital video design and engineering trends, and is the writer most cited by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment for detailed features on the evolution of America's Digital TV system. Doherty also assisted Dr. Richard Feynman, NASA and Congressional researchers in the Shuttle Challenger accident investigation at the Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center and many NASA contractor sites. In 2003, Doherty was nominated to and accepted a multi-year position on the Presidential Medal of Technology Award Selection Committee, reporting to the White House and Department of Commerce. Acting as an independent resource on the impact of digital and internet technologies on the consumer, society and business, Doherty is quoted frequently for his opinions on new technologies by CNN, CNBC, Fox News and by numerous American and international industry trade and daily business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Newsday and the San Jose Mercury News. Doherty is married and resides in Seaford, NY with his wife and two daughters.