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Digital Hollywood at CES
Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall
Thursday, January 5 - Saturday, January 7, 2006

Conference at a Glance
Thursday, January 5
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Session A- DH1
OnDemand Television – All-Access All the Time – From the Basic DTV Package, the Premium Package to the PVR Enabled Viewer
Rishi Malhotra, Director, HBO On Demand
Philip W. Schuman, founder, HighView Media
Will Griffin, CEO, DoD™
Shari Glusker, Group Product Manager, Cable Solutions, Microsoft TV Division, Microsoft Corporation
Jeff Shultz, CEO, CONCERT
Judith Pless, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Group, Showtime Networks Inc.
Albert Cheng, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group
Ken Rutkowski, founder, KenRadio Broadcasting, Moderator
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Session B - ME6 - Mobile Entertainment Track
Mobile Media, Advertising and Brand Marketing
Matthew Feldman, President and CEO, Versaly Entertainment
Neil McGinness, Vice President, National Lampoon & General Manager, National Lampoon Mobile
Courtney Jane Acuff, Wireless Marketing Specialist, Digits, Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG)
Adam Flick, Chief Marketing Officer, Airborne Entertainment
Mariana Danilovic, Managing Director, Hollywood Portfolio, LLC
Peg Jackson, Managing Director, NeoCarta Ventures, Moderator
Additional speaker to be announced
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Noon - 1:00 PM
Session A - DH2
Embracing the Connected Consumer - Entertainment, Content and Technology - From the Digital Home to the Mobile and Wi-Fi Universe
Claudia Ceniceros, Senior Director, Media and Content Strategy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Hassan Miah, Managing Director, Oris Capital
Scott Smyers, Chairman, DLNA Board of Directors, Vice President, Network and Systems Architecture Division, Platform Technology Center of America, Sony Electronics
Steven Schnier, Consumer Electronics Market Segment Manager, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Texas Instruments
Jan Steenkamp, CEO, Entriq
Chris Melissinos, Chief Gaming Officer, Sun Microsystems
Brian Cooley, Editor at Large,, Moderator
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Session B - ME7 - Mobile Entertainment Track
Strategies in Wireless Devices and Services - from Audio & Video to Downloads: How Innovation Drives Avenues for Subscriber and Revenue Expansion
John Pollard, Senior Director, Windows Mobile Applications and Services Marketing, Microsoft Corp.
Ken Wirt, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, palmOne, Inc.
Tom Parrish, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Content, Mobliss
Andy Riedel, General Manager, Games, Infospace
Saul Berman, Partner and Global Executive, IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS)
Kelly C. Egan, Entertainment Strategy, Best Buy, Inc.
Luis Ubinas, Director, West Coast Media Practice, McKinsey & Co, Moderator
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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Session A - DH3
Entertainment Concepts in Branded & Integrated Entertainment - Film, TV, Music, Cable, Wireless, Games & Broadband
Greg Fant, Vice President and GM, Technology & Media Categories, eBay
Karen Bloore, Managing Director, Universal McCann
Duane Dahl, President/Chief Executive Officer,
David L. Kang, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Strategic Development and New Media, The Firm
Jason Brown, Senior Vice President, Screenvision National Sales
Brian Murphy, CEO, Fearless Entertainment
Bruce Eskowitz, President of Clear Channel Entertainment Properties
Michael Kassan, Media and Entertainment Consultant, Moderator
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Session B - ME8 - Mobile Entertainment Track
Mobile Content & Commerce: Off Deck and MVNO Options

Manish Jha, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile ESPN
Rob Gelick, Senior Director, Media & Community Services, HELIO, Inc.
Harry Kargman, CEO, Kargo
Anil Malhotra, founder and VP Alliances & Marketing, Bango
Eric Harber, VP of Corporate and Business Development, Qpass
Larry Shapiro, Executive Vice President, Business Development and Operations, Walt Disney Internet Group
Shahid Khan, Managing Director, BearingPoint, Inc., Moderator
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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Session A - DH4
Advertising Strategies in the Diversified Digital Culture: Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Broadband, Games and Mobile
Vince Messina, Entertainment Category Development Officer, Yahoo!
David Ernst, Executive Vice President, Director, Futures & Technologies, Initiative Worldwide
Tim Hanlon, Senior Vice President/Director, Emerging Contacts, Starcom MediaVest Group
Suzie Reider, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, CNET Networks’ Games and Entertainment Division
Barry Frey, SVP, Cablevision Advanced Platforms
Kevin Browne, General Manager, New Media & Franchise Development, Microsoft Corp.
Ben Fritz, Technology Reporter, Variety / Daily Variety, Moderator
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Session B - ME9 - Mobile Entertainment Track
Mobile Music – Business Models – Downloads, Subscriptions & Ringtunes
John Ousby, Head of Distribution Technologies, Radio & Music Interactive, BBC British Broadcasting
Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Category Manager, eBay Music
David Pakman, COO, eMusic & President, Dimensional Mobile Entertainment, Managing Director, Dimensional Associates
John Puterbaugh, CEO, Nellymoser
Nicolas Pelletier, CEO, Musiwave
Larry Jacobson, CEO, Cdigix
Scott Campbell, US Media & Communications Industry Advisor, British Consulate-General, Moderator
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Friday, January 6th
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Session A - DH5
The Networked Entertainment Home - the PVR/DVR – the Set-Top & PC Entertainment Server
David Novak, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Video Without Boundaries, Inc.
Shari Glusker, Group Product Manager, Cable Solutions, Microsoft TV Division, Microsoft Corporation
Rob Pait, Director, Global Consumer Storage Marketing, Seagate Technology
Dave Davies, Vice President, Strategy and Product Marketing, Scientific-Atlanta
Brad Kayton, VP Marketing & Business Development, PRISMIQ
Mitchell J. Weinraub, Senior Director, New Media Initiatives and Implementation, Comcast
Rob Glidden, Market Development Manager, Broadband and Digital Media, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Moderator
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Session B - DH6
The Telco Advantage and the IPTV Digital Home: Gateway to Services - VOIP, Wireless Music, Broadband and Set-top

Jeffrey G. Weber, Vice President, Product & Strategy, AT&T Operations, Inc.
Ed Graczyk, Director, Marketing and Communications, Microsoft TV Division, Microsoft Corporation
Shahid Khan, Managing Director, BearingPoint, Inc.
Derek Kuhn, P.Eng., Senior Director Marketing and Business Development Media and Entertainment, Alcatel Strategic Solutions & Chairman - Broadband Service Forum
Matthew Marnik, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Broadband Networks Group, Nortel
J.D. Zeeman, Director, Digital Media Worldwide, IBM
Richard Doherty, co-founder and Director, The Envisioneering Group, Moderator
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Noon - 1:00 PM
Session A - DH7
Movies, OnDemand Content and Broadband - Via the PC - Via the Set-Top: Technology & Content
Curt Marvis, CEO, CinemaNow
Michael McMurray, Director of Product Management, Video Services, RealNetworks, Inc.
Don Dulchinos, Vice President, Advanced Platforms and Services, CableLabs®,
Alan Citron, SVP Marketing, Movielink
Josh Goldman, CEO, Akimbo
Scott Roesch, Vice President & General Manager, AtomFilms
Marcia Zellers, Director, AFI Digital Content Lab, American Film Institute, Moderator
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Session B - DH8
VC and Investment in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Games, Wireless & Broadband
David O. Higley, Managing Director & Head of Digital Media Technologies, UBS Investment Bank
Mark Stevens, Partner, Fenwick & West
Sun Jen Yung, Managing Director, TD Securities
David Britts, General Partner, ComVentures
Paul Vais, Partner, Apax Partners
Joey Tamer, President, S.O.S. Inc., Moderator
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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Session A - DH9
Music Industry Innovates into Future - From Digital Downloads and Subscriptions to Mobile Music & Digital and Internet Radio
David Ulmer, Senior Director of Marketing, Digital Media Services, Motorola
Paul Greenberg, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Partner Relations, MusicNet
Srivats Sampath, President & CEO, MERCORA
Laura Hess, Site Director,, CNET Networks
Robert Acker, VP Music Services, RealNetworks
Gary Cohen, President, MusicNow
Christopher Allen, Product Strategy and Marketing, Yahoo! Music
Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, D3 – Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music, Moderator
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Session B - DH10
TV & Interactivity: Evolving Content & Business Models: Content, Commerce and Branded Entertainment
Tom Hagopian, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Programming/Advertising, OpenTV
Jean-Briac (JB) Perrette , Senior Vice President, New Media and Chief Financial Officer, NBC Universal Cable
Patricia Karpas, VP and General Manager, AOL Television Ventures
Martijn Lopes Cardozo, Executive Vice President Distribution and Partnerships, GoldPocket
James Henderson, Vice President Corporate Development, Charter Communications
Todd Tarpley, President, Tarpley Media
Jeff Binder, President, Broadbus Technologies, Moderator
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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Session A - DH11
Rethinking Advertising: Broadband, VOD, DVR & Mobile - New Video Platforms, New Video Paradigms
Lauren de la Fuente, Vice President, Strategic Programming & Media Alliances, G4 VideoGame TV
Chris Pizzurro, Vice President of Multimedia Marketing, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Reggie Bradford, President, TANDBERG Television
Blake Krikorian, CEO, Sling Media
Warren Schlichting, Vice President, New Business Strategies, Comcast Spotlight
Alexander K. Marquez, Director, Strategic Investments, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation
Terry S. Bienstock, Bienstock Consulting, LLC, former EVP & General Counsel, Comcast Cable, Moderator
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Session B - DH12
Subscription, Download & Advertising Models in Broadband: Music, Film, TV. Games and News & Information Content Distribution
George T. Kliavkoff, Executive Vice President, Business, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, L.P
Ron Frankel, Chief Executive Officer, Synacor
Daniel Harris, CEO, MediaPass® Network
Adam Bain, Vice President, Technology & Production, Fox Sports Interactive
Brad Singer, Executive Vice President, Products and Markets, PaymentOne
Eric Aledort, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Walt Disney Internet Group
Lisa Crane Greer, CEO, Media Venture Advisors, Moderator
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Saturday, January 7th
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Session A - DH13
Entertainment Expands the Digital Home: Networking, Sharing and Protecting
Phil Corman, Director, Worldwide Partner Development, Microsoft TV Division, Microsoft Corporation
Ladd Wardani, President, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA), & VP Business Development, Co-Founder of Entropic Communications
Doug Glen, Chief Marketing Office, Zetera Corporation
Anthony Wood, CEO, Roku
Von Johnson, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Technology division, Thomson

Udo Eberlein, founder and President, Nero, Inc.
David E. Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac, Moderator
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Session B - DH14
Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach
Michael Raneri, COO, MeeVee
Jerrold T. Brandt, Content Services Group, Intel Corp.
Maria Mandel, Partner, Director of Digital Innovation, Ogilvy Interactive
Kristofer Alexander, Senior Media & Entertainment Services Manager, Akamai
Greg Demetriades, CEO, Continental Vista Broadcasting Group
Darcy Lorincz, SVP & General Manager Global Rich Media, SAVVIS
Donald A. Jasko, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Economics, Moderator
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Noon - 1:00 PM
Session A - DH15
DRM Implementation in Media and Entertainment: From Standardization to Implementation of New Technology Strategies
Raj Samtani, Director of Sales & Marketing, ContentGuard
Keith Kocho, President and CEO, ExtendMedia
Nate Alvord, Director, Licensing and Market Development, Digimarc Corporation
Pallavi Shah, Digital Rights Management Strategist, Hewlett-Packard
Carter Laren, Senior Security Architect, Cryptography Research
Jian Zhao, CTO, Content Security Solutions, Thomson
Peter H. Kang, Esq., Partner, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP, Moderator
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Session B - DH16
Telcos, IPTV & the Technology Food Chain: From the Broadband Infrastructure to the Headend, ITV Services and the Set-Top
Sam Pemberton, President/CEO, Softel-USA
Seth Kenvin, VP, Strategic Marketing, BigBand Networks
Paolo Pastorino, CTO-CBO, Home Gateway Initiative (HGI)
Terri Richardson, Vice President, Product and Market Management, C-COR
Bill Correll, Director, Corporate Development, Broadband & Digital Media Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Intel Corp., speaker to be announced
Fred Dawson, Editor & Publisher, Screenplays, Moderator
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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Session A - DH17
Personalized Consumer Media: From ITV and Broadband Advertising and Content to Blogs and Podcasting
Tom Flanagan, Executive Director, Broadband Strategy, Texas Instruments
Kevin Cohen, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.)
Rafe Needleman, Editor, Buying Business Advice,, Columnist, Release 1.0
Shawn Gold, President/Publisher, Weblogs, Inc
Dan O'Brien, Chairman & CEO, Gotuit Media
Ben Mendelson, founder & President, Interactive Television Alliance, Moderator
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Session B - DH18
The Digital Home Entertainment Complex – Music and Movies Everywhere – Content Enabled by Servers, Set-Tops and Gateways
William J. Holmes, Vice President Product Management, Consumer Electronics, DivX
Larry Smith, COO, Archos
Paul Sherer, Co-founder & CTO, Arroyo
Stacy Cook, CEO, BroadQ
Stuart Lipson, Vice President, Content Solutions, SeaChange International
Shelly Palmer, Managing Partner, Advanced Media Ventures Group
Anna Hunt, Research Director, Digital Consumer & Broadband Research Group, IMS Research, Moderator
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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Session A - DH19
Next Generation P2P Music and Film - DRM, Paid for Pass-Along and Other Legal Distributed Computing Models and the Entertainment Industries
Janet Snowdon, Business Development Manager, IBM Digital Media Group
Jan Marc Kuelper, Director Business Development Gnab, arvato mobile GmbH
Randall Crockett, Senior Vice President, DRM Networks
Michael Weiss,
President & CEO, StreamCast Networks
Talmon Marco, co-founder, iMesh
Dmitry Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Veoh Networks
Marty Lafferty, Chief Executive Officer, Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), Moderator
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Session B - DH20
Behind the Digital Home & Mobile Consumer: Chips, Microprocessors & Optical Technology Define the Future of Entertainment - from DVDs, MP3s, HD & Set-Tops to Games, PDAs and PCs
Sandip H. Mandera, Product Manager, Digital Media Products and Infrastructure, Intel Corporation
Mark Knox, Advisor to HD DVD Promotion Division, Toshiba Corporation
Chris Schairbaum, World Wide Business Manager, Portable Audio/Infotainment, Texas Instruments
Jose Tormo, Manager, Business Strategy, AMD Digital Media and Pervasive Computing
Dan Steere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matrix Semiconductor
Boris Bobrov, Product Marketing Manager, Freescale
Todd Moore, Director, Product Marketing and Sales, PortalPlayer
Antonette K. Goroch, Senior Analyst, Digital Tech Consulting, Moderator
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Game Power at CES, Wednesday, January 4th, Las Vegas Convention Center - Click Here
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• Digital Hollywood at CES Consumer Electronics Show: Thursday, January 5 - Saturday, January 7, 2006
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Number of CES Attendees Last Year:

1) Over 140,000 Attendees
2) Over 4,500 Journalists
3) Over 1,000 Financial Analysts
4) Over 2,500 Exhibitors

The Following events were held at Digital Hollywood Fall this past September
• The OnDemandies - The Awards - Click Here
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• Mobile Film & TV Production Consortium - Click Here
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Past Speakers at Digital Hollywood Include:
Donald Whiteside, Intel Corp.
Tracy Dolgin, Yes Network
Scott Marden, McGraw Hill Companies
Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad
Chris Kitze,
Yaga, Inc.
Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Bad Boy Entertainment
Bing Gordon, Electronic Arts
Thomas McGrath, Viacom Entertainment Group
Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins
Jeff Mallett, Yahoo! Corp.
Sam Donaldson, ABC News
Rob Glaser, RealNetworks
Mark Cuban, HDNet
Chris Blackwell, Chairman, Island Records
John Sculley, Sculley Bros.
Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy
Dan Scheinman, Cisco Systems
Carl Bernstein, Journalist
Courtney Love, Artist
Brett Leonard, Film Director
Danny Goldberg, Artemis Records
Martin Yudkovitz, Walt Disney
Sky Dayton, founder, EarthLink Network
Dick Wolf, Producer, Law & Order
Kevin Eagan, Microsoft
Jim Ramo, Movielink
William Lee, Sun Microsystems
Hassan Miah, Intel Corp.
Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich, Movie Producers, Independance Day
Quincy Jones, Performer/Exec.
Charlton Heston, Actor
Nolan Bushnell, Founder Atari
Kay Koplovitz, USA Networks
John Patrick, IBM Corp.
Mike Levy, CBS Sportsline
Trip Hawkins, founder EA
Jim Kinsella, Microsoft
Matt Farber, Logo, Viacom
Linda Stone, Microsoft
Michael Fitzpatrick, PacTel
Garry Betty, EarthLink Network
Robert Kotick, Activision
Fred Seibert, MTV Networks
Mark Kvamme, CKS Group
John Mass, William Morris
Anthony Bay, Microsoft
Georgia Bergman, Warner Bros.
Michael Rogers, Newsweek
Larry Kasanoff, Ex. Prod. True Lies, Terminator 2
Tom Hicks, Discovery Channel
Martin Dunsmuir, Real Networks
John Battelle, Industry Standard
Rob Tercek, Mforma
Jeff Apple, Prod. In The Line of Fire